Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Underwear Factory Shop.

My mom and sister were down for the weekend and so we did the most girly thing three girls can do in Cape Town, namely, shopping for underwear at a factory shop. In Saltriver, up Brickfield Road, on your right is my nirvana. This factory store is filled with mountains of underwear – from practical panties and bras to things you should only be wearing if your salary is going to be deposited directly into them.

They sell Wonderbras for R60 – R100 (keeping in mind you can pay up to about R400 for one in a normal store). That’s what I thought, no need to further convince you.

Here are some Tips:

  1. Know your Bra Size
There are no changing rooms and no returns so be sure to know your size. P.S this is why there is a photo of my sister trying on a bra over her clothes.

  1. Prepare to do Some Digging.
This is not the kind of place you can go in your lunch hour. You need time.

  1. Don’t bring any male with you.
      Opposed to blatant boredom men seem to get really embarrassed being around so
      Much underwear. Weird.


  1. Hehe, I go there often. Don't you hate how they cover your bag in a plastic bag?

  2. I know! so weird and wasteful.

  3. LOl it's quite irritating as if youre there to loot their shop it sucks

  4. Do they have big sizes? Need to know if its worth my while.... 38DD :-)

    1. Yup they have big bra sizes, prefer the triumph factory shop in Access Park though

  5. Thank you got sharing may I please have the address or name of the shop or directions, TIA